Newsletter: Issue 15

Bartender’s Cabinet
Issue 15
May 2011

Happy May everyone! It’s the time of year when excitement and summer is quickly making
itself known. This month, our meeting is going to be on a fabulous summer genre – Tiki. Make
sure you have plenty of space for your ingredients and lots of rum!

Bartender’s Cabinet is dedicated to educating bartenders and enthusiasts about great spirits
and quality ingredients. We also focus on having a good time through interacting with those
who share an enthusiasm for tasty beverages that come from fine spirits and fresh ingredients.

Logistical Information:
Bartender’s Cabinet meets monthly at 320 Main in Seal Beach.
Contact regarding membership.

Previous Meeting:

English Harbour 5 Year
English Harbour named after Antigua’s graceful and evocative historic district that was
developed as a base for the British Navy in the great age of sailing. This rum has won many
awards and somehow still remains undiscovered; let’s change that. The nose leads with aromas
of smoke, nutmeg, vanilla and burnt sugar before we move to the supple, smooth, sweet, easy,
and drinkable palate. Flavors of vanilla, spice, custard, brown sugar and oily nuts play together
in a rich, creamy mouth feel. The finish is a long, sweet display of flavors. This rum is
ridiculously gratifying.

No 3 Gin
No.3 Gin named after the address on St James’ Street in London where Berry Bros. & Rudd has
been located since 1698. This London Dry Gin is distilled in copper pot stills from a
proprietary recipe that utilizes 3 Fruits (Juniper, Orange and Grapefruit) and 3 Spices
(Angelica, Coriander and Cardamom) to achieve its robust and intricate botanical character.
The aromas are distinct and well-defined with an ascending salutation of juniper followed with
pine, spice, lavender and sumptuous grapefruit. The flavors lead again with juniper
complexities and buttressed by blossoms, spicy coriander, vigorous cardamom and plenty of
citrus. The finish lingers opulently, building to toothsome, dry angelica. This terrific gin does
great justice in capturing the traits of a traditional London Dry.

The Tasty Beverages:

Punch Mo, or the Mo ‘Booty’ Punch
3 Parts / Cups Kings Ginger (+ a dash) 750ml
2 Parts / Cups English Harbour 5 (+ a dash) 500ml
2 Fresh Pineapples
2 Parts / Cups Fresh Lemon Juice (+ a dash) 500ml
1 1/2 Parts / Cup Late Harvest Viognier 375ml
*Used Odisea 07 Late Harvest Viognier “Melt Down”
(Sub Ice Wine, Sweet Orange Muscat)
3 Parts / Cups Pomegranate Wine 750ml
*Used Tree of Life Pomegranate Wine
(Sub Semi – Dry red with Pomegranate Liquor added)

Chunk and Marinate Pineapple in Ginger/Rum for at least a day (or muddle) and strain.
Mix and Chill everything –adjust sweetness if needed and pour into chilled punch bowls fill
adding– 12 Parts / Cups Cava 4 Bottles (Sub with dry Sparkling wine)

Pushing Daisies
by Jason Schiffer (320 Main)
1 oz Maurin Quina
1 oz Fernet
.5 oz Elderflower Syrup
1 oz Lemon
1 dash Creole Bitters

Shake with ice and strain into a chilled coupe. Garnish with grated coffee bean.

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