Newsletter 59: Suerte Tequila & Leblon Cachaca

THANK YOU to our friends at Playground, especially Mr. Jarred Dooley, for hosting an awesome meeting and THANK YOU to Leblon Cachaça, Ms. Cari Hah & Mr. Scott Haro as well as Suerte Tequila & Mr. Aidan Demarest for sponsoring another fun & educational OCBC meeting!


OCBC at Playground

Suerte Tequila is a relative newcomer to the spirit category but the family behind it has been producing this excellent product for a long time. Aidan gave us an insight to the history of the brand and their distillery in Atotonilco El Alto. Check out more info at

Tasty Cocktail #1 from Jarred Dooley

Tasty Cocktail #1 from Jarred Dooley

Leblon Cachaça was a wonderful treat! Cari guided us through the company’s history and the difference between artisanal cachaça and industrial cachaça. She encourages everyone that hasn’t tried Leblon in the last three years to give it another shot as they’ve made some improvements to their product. We also got a special treat, a taste of the unfiltered still-strength cachaça from the 2014 harvest!

Tasty Cocktail #2 from Jarred Dooley

Tasty Cocktail #2 from Jarred Dooley

We were treated to awesome cocktails from the Playground bar before diving in to our education for the evening!


Sugar Education with Jason Schiffer

Types of Sugar

Check out the handout: Types of Sugar

OCBC founding member, Jason Schiffer, clued us all in to a little passion project (aka nerd-out) he’d been working on- types of sugar and their differences. For an ingredient that goes into nearly all our recipes, most of us don’t have a full understanding of how sugar is made or the differences between our options. An admittedly non-comprehensive overview of saps (including sugarcane, agave, and maple) and nectars (honey and coconut) was laid out which included a little background into their processes.

Check out this eye-opening video behind the making of refined sugar:

A more intensive education was promised for the future, in the meantime, there is plenty of great info out there to learn about the sources of each sugar. Play around with different types and see what you prefer!

Thank you to everyone who attended, we’ll see you next time!

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