Newsletter 50: Teeling Irish Whiskey

Last meeting everyone enjoying tasting the newly released Teeling Irish Whiskey and some fine cocktails. This spirit is double distilled in copper pots and finished in rum barrels which makes for a unique and delicious whiskey with banana and tobacco notes. We were hosted at the lovely Young’s Market Company headquarters and had an inspiring discussion on Hospitality! A huge THANK YOU to Marcos Tello from Tello Demarest Liquid Assets, as well as Ricky Yarnall and Matt Ellingson for their honest insight and candid thoughts! If you weren’t able to join us, here are some great takeaway quotes from our esteemed panel.

On not taking yourself too seriously:
“you’re not curing cancer, you’re making drinks” – Marcos Tello
“I love Midori” – Ricky Yarnall

On the right mental attitude:
“no one wants to learn from an asshole” – Matt Ellingson
“the best drink is about the experience” – Ricky Yarnall
“pay your bills, do your art and be happy you get to do both” – Marcos Tello

On making the right drink for each guest:
“do small riffs on classics, earn their trust” – Marcos Tello
“picky guests are usually also the most vocal and will tell everyone how great you are” – Matt Ellingson

On how to be a better bartender:
“learn how to tell a story and learn how to tell a joke” – Marcos Tello
“create an exclusive experience on any budget, give them something to make them feel special” – Marcos Tello

Cocktails from this meeting were brought to us by the amazing Dion team, Gabrielle & Chris.

The recipes:

(Individual potion, times by the number of servings desired)
1.5 oz Teeling Irish Whiskey
1 oz oleo saccrum water
0.5 oz chamomile tea
0.5 oz Pineau de Charentes
Combine and leave to chill in fridge, serve on ice with a grating on nutmeg.
Oleo Saccrum water:
The peels of 4 medium sized lemons and 2 ounces by weight or turbinado or Demerara sugar, muddle until moist and let sit for 30 minutes.
Add 1 quart of boiling water, stir and let sit for 15 minutes, then strain out peels and let cool.

Thomson’s Revenge
1.5 oz Teeling Irish Whiskey
0.5 oz IPA Syrup
0.5 oz Gran Classico
0.75 oz lemon juice
Shake and double strain over fresh ice. Garnish with grapefruit peel
IPA syrup: reduce IPA by half it’s volume and then add a 1:1 proportion of sugar, stir until dissolved.

1.5 oz Teeling Irish Whiskey
0.75 oz Carpano Antica
0.75 oz barrel aged Green Chartreuse
2 dashes Miracle Mile orange bitters
Stir and serve up with an orange peel

Our next meeting will be held on Monday, June 2nd at 7pm in Santa Ana. Our sponsor this month is Sipsmith Gin, an amazing product brought to us by gin expert Jared Brown, Sam Galsworthy, Fairfax Hall. Our topic of education for the month will be stirring technique, so if you’re looking to up your spoon game, don’t miss it!

As always, to maintain the quality of service, presentation, space, food and drink we are limiting the capacity to 35 and must insist on RSVPs. Please get your RSVP in early and send it to if you’re planning on attending, let us know if something comes up so we can make your spot available to someone else if you can’t make it.

Hope to see you there!

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