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Newsletter 43: International Beverage Company

Posted in Newsletters on October 28, 2013 by becca


Another great meeting has passed, this time we say Thank You to Travis Tidwell from International Beverage Co. for bringing a great selection of Scotch whiskies! The Cellar in Fullerton were our gracious hosts, thank you to Andrew, Thomas and Rich for the great drinks, food & fun.

The recipes courtesy of The Cellar:

Blackbottle Scotch
Fresh OJ
Ginger Syrup
Ground Nutmeg
Ground Clove
Soda Water
Dean’s List
1.5 oz Deanston
2/3 oz house made grenadine
2/3 oz OJ
1 dash Angostura
3 blackberries
Not Yet
2 oz Blackbottle
2/3 oz Charbay Black Walnut
1/3 oz Luxardo Maraschino
1/3 oz R. Jelinek Fernet
4 dashes Regan’s Orange Bitters
Our next meeting will be Monday, November 4th at 7pm with John Troia from Tempus Fugit. We’ll be tasting such treasures as QuinQuina, Gran Classico, Crème de Cacao and Pacifique Absinthe!We will be visiting a first time host in Costa Mesa for this meeting, as always RSVP swiftly to secure a spot before we reach capacity.

To help maintain quality of service, presentation, space, food and drink we must insist on RSVP’s and we are limiting the accepted RSVP’s to 50. So get your RSVP in early and send it to if you’re planning on attending, let us know if something comes up so we can make your spot available to someone else if you can’t make it. See you then! The meeting location will be emailed upon RSVP to the first 50 responders.