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Newsletter Issue: 26 Sangrita!!

Posted in Newsletters on May 26, 2012 by becca

Another fantastic OCBC meeting! Sponsored and featuring the tasty tequilas Regional and Azunia; we were led to insight on the brands development and history by Jim Riley and Alex Baca (not to mention getting to enjoy the tequila). Hosted with great atmosphere and excellent food at the lovely Matador Cantina; also a special nod and thanks to David Valiante–head barman at Matador Cantina. Terrific Job and thanks for having us!

In lieu of punch we constructed a Sangrita Service featuring Jason Schiffer (320 Main) recipe, based loosely on Jeffrey Morgenthaler’s Sangrita (Jason’s recipe follows below . .). Forrest rambled about Sangrita, emphasizing that traditionally tomatoes were not included and should not be included because of the alcohol soluble flavor in tomatoes coat the palate, rather than cleanse. To quote the Wikipedia Sangrita article “tomato juice is considered anathema by many purists”–amen. Along with Jason’s Amazing Sangrita there was an easy option for real Sangrita Casa ZG is a spice mix that you just add to fresh Orange Juice and a commercially available Sangrita based on tomatoes that would be better called a Bloody Mary mix.

Jason Schiffer’s Sangrita
1 oz Fresh OJ
¾ oz Fresh Lime Juice
½ oz Housemade Grenadine
¼ tsp Cayenne Pepper
2 drops Cinnamon Extract

*After batching it out Jason added some roasted red pepper juice and fresh pineapple juice to it and adjusted to taste.


Here are cocktails that David Valiante conjured for us to share. . .

La Rosita
1.25 Regional Reposado Tequila
.75 Sweet Vermouth
.50 Aperol
2 dashes of Regans #6 Orange Bitters
This variation on a Gary Reagan original was well received indeed.
Sandy Pearl
2oz Azunia Anejo Tequila
.75 Cherry Herring
.75 lime juice
.75 simply syrup
Absinthe mist
Kiwi garnish

This creation proved how incredible dimensionalizing and a functional garnish can be!
(Smelling the Kiwi as you sipped really completed the drink).

While we were mingling afterwards several people asked about NOM 186–this a link to updated info. As of right now it is being rewritten to reflect the many (justified) criticisms, with no deadline for release. Once it is rewritten, it will be made available for public scrutiny and then a period to respond. So stay tuned.

Great meeting OCBC! Thanks to tequilas Regional and Azunia for coming by a bringing all that tasty tequila. Thanks to the lovely Matador Cantina and David Valiante. Another terrific time with great people–thanks for coming together OCBC!

Also a big CONGRATS to all of the OCBC crew who made it down to BarSmarts in San Diego last weekend and rocked their test! Lots of great stories to share at our next meeting.

Now mark your calendars: Next months meeting is June 4th and will feature TEMPLETON Rye. We will be tasting this newly released product, one of the finest on the market and doing a hands-on Old Fashioned workshop. This will be an awesome meeting—not to be missed–we need RSVP’s, so . . .

To help maintain quality of service, presentation, space, food and drink we must insist on RSVP’s and we are limiting the accepted RSVP’s to 50. So get your RSVP in early and send it to if you’re planning on attending, let us know if something comes up so we can make your spot available to someone else if you can’t make it. See you then! The meeting location will be emailed upon RSVP to the first 50 responders.

And a Special Event to check out:

Wednesday, June 6th, Ricky Yarnall will be hosting another one of his Cocktail & Jazz Nights at Memphis featuring none other than Meletti Amaro, with special guest in attendance–Matteo Meletti of Amaro Meletti. Come and enjoy delicious cocktails featuring amaro from 7pm-2am at Memphis at the Santora (201 N Broadway, Santa Ana).