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Newsletter: Issue 11

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Bartender’s Cabinet
Issue 11
January 2011

Happy New Year!

About: Bartender’s Cabinet is dedicated to educating bartenders and enthusiasts about great spirits and quality ingredients. We also focus on having a good time through interacting with those who share an enthusiasm for tasty beverages that come from fine spirits and fresh ingredients.

Logistical Information: Bartender’s Cabinet meets monthly at 320 Main in Seal Beach. Contact regarding membership.

Previous Meeting: Franck Vigneron of Comandon Cognac gave a very in-depth & informative presentation on the history of cognac and the House of Comandon. He described the difference between the cognac regions and the regional aging process in cognac, as well as the economic and cultural perspective for the spirit. He articulated the challenges of growth in the market as well as within the distilleries. He expressed concerns about cognac consumption in the world and explained how smaller brands carefully allocate their product so the artfully crafted spirit is not over-consumed and unavailable for consumers.

Franck Vigneron offered several samples of cognac from different brands and product categories. He presented the regional diversity with coherency to the Bartender’s Cabinet. He also suggested some wonderful cocktail ideas.

Warm Comandonte Cocktail

Comandon Cognac VSOP, with rum, soda, lemon, all spices and apple puree. Cognac Summit Cocktail Comandon Cognac VS, with Ginger ale, lime and ginger spices with ice cubes.

Here are the products that Franck was so kind to share with the Cabinet.

1. Comandon Cognac VSOP
2. Cognac Philebert VS
3. Cognac Philebert XO
4. Cognac Du Buisson Borderies Prestige
5. Cognac du Buisson Borderies Reserve
6. Cognac Park XO
7. Monteru Eau-de-Vie Merlot
8. Monteru Eau-de-Vie Chardonnay
9. Monteru Eau-de-Vie Riesling
10. Monteru Eau-de-Vie Cabernet
11. Comandon Cognac XO

The Tasty Beverages:

BC Punch (from Jason Schiffer, 320 Main)
Lemon peel from 6 lemons
3 cups sugar
1/2 gallon apple cider
1/4 cup caramel
1/2 cup Batavia Arrack
1/2 cup Yellow Chartreuse
1 cup fresh lemon juice
1 liter Hard Cider
1/4 cup butter Whole Nutmeg

Muddle sugar & lemon, let sit for 2 hours & muddle again Reduce apple cider over low heat until consistency is like syrup Combine lemon & sugar, cider syrup, spirits, juice & hard cider in a large pot Heat until sugar is dissolved Strain out lemon peels Add Butter Heat until butter melts Serve warm with Grated Nutmeg