Newsletter 65: Beam Suntory

Thanks to Beam Suntory- our August meeting was one for the books! We got to hang out with our friends from USBG San Diego and USBG So Cal at the super cool Beam Suntory headquarters in Irvine. We did round-table tasting & educations on Irish Whiskey, Bourbon and Scotch led by the great guys at Beam. Every awesome bottle of booze you could imagine was available for tasting & testing, OCBC members tinkered at the bar throughout the day taking breaks only to eat at the Kogi truck! All guests left with a generous backpack of goodies, and a wonderful appreciation for our friends at Beam Suntory.



Tasting Irish Whiskey



Talking bourbon and rickhouses with Bryan Hansen!



Travis Tidwell presenting on Scotch



Kogi truck for lunch



OCBC & USBG having a blast (photo bomb by Michael Patrick Rooney)

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