Newsletter 53: Bitter Truth

Great meeting in the books! Thank you to Joey Oehrlein and Emily Delicce of Casa in Costa Mesa, you were wonderful hosts. Dan Lasner brought some delicious and interesting products from Bitter Truth for us to enjoy! Everyone went home with a Bitter Truth Travel Pack- TOO COOL! We wrapped up with an informative presentation from Gabrielle Dion on Menu Planning, see below for some tips!

The drinks courtesy of Joey Oehrlein of Casa:

Recipes coming soon!


Bitter Truth Violet Liqueur Cocktail

Bitter Truth Violet Liqueur Cocktail

OCBC at Casa

OCBC at Casa

Menu Planning

Here’s some tips on planning a menu for your bar:

  • Know your demographic and include approachable drinks. List the most approachable drinks near the top of your menu
  • Chart you menu- drink names, glassware, style, garnish, color, housemade ingredients. This is a great way to ensure a good variety from your menu and avoid other issues with bar prep (i.e. multiple drinks with orange peels but no drinks with orange juice)
  • Find trustworthy palates to test your recipes- non-biased industry friends are best. Take feedback from eager-to-please apprentices or chefs (who sometimes have a very distinct palate) with a grain of salt.
  • The best feedback to ask for is “would you have two of these?”
  • Finding vintage or classic drinks and tweaking the specs for your spirits can be great staples for your menu. Let your bartenders submit drinks and tweak those as well.
  • Remember it’s not about your palate, it’s about creating the best menu for the guest.


Our next meeting will be held on Monday, September 8th at 7pm in Long Beach. Join us as we welcome OG-OCBC member Maurice Chevalier of Anchor Distilling! We’ll be tasting Nikka Japanese Whisky, Yoichi 15yr, Miyagikyo 12yr, Taketsuru 12yr, 17yr, 21yr, and Nikka Coffey Grain whisky. We’ll also spend some time talking about free pouring and using a jigger, speed vs accuracy and how it affects profit margins.

As always, to maintain the quality of service, presentation, space, food and drink we are limiting the capacity to 50 and must insist on RSVPs. Please get your RSVP in early and send it to Let us know if something comes up so we can make your spot available to someone else if you can’t make it.

Hope to see you there!

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