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Newsletter 58: Wine 101 with Henry Wine Group

Posted in Newsletters on January 29, 2015 by becca

We started off our year doing something we like to do from time to time, we broke away from our cocktail focus to study up on wine! A very big THANK YOU to The Exhibition Room in Long Beach for donating their space for this event, we love this bar and if you haven’t been yet, go Go GO!!

Our presenter for the evening was Mr. Kevin Butler of Henry Wine Group, he gave us a great background on wine making and tasted us through a line-up of whites and reds. Here is a copy of Kevin’s Wine Basics

Kevin Butler - Wine Basics

Kevin Butler – Wine Basics

We all had our favorites, here is a recap of the wines we tasted (all are available through Henry Wine Group, so hit up your local rep!)

  • 1A: Slingshot Sauvignon Blanc 2013 , Napa Valley ($12.00 front line)
  • 1B: Tariquet “Classique” 2013, Gascony, France ($7.00 front line)
  •  2A: ZD Chardonnay 2013, California ($25.33 front line)
  • 2B: Zerran Garnacha Blanca 2013, Montsant, Spain ($12.00 front line)
  • 3A: White Hart Pinot Noir 2012, Central Coast ($18.67 front line)
  • 3B: Vega Sindoa “El Chapparal” Grenache 2012, Somantano, Spain ($10.00 front line)
  • 4A: Medlock Ames “Bell Mountain” Cabernet Sauvignon 2011, Alexander Valley ($38.67 front line)
  • 4B: Terredora Taurasi DOCG 2008, Italy ($22.83 front line)


Wine Bottle Service Techiniques

OCBC member Matt Ellingson gave an amazing presentation on high-end vintage wine bottle service. Some great pointers to remember were to consider the sediment in the bottle like a snow-globe, always pull, present, decant and serve the bottle in the same position it was resting. Also, when decanting, always pour over a light (an LED flashlight is recommended) and watch for the smokey wisps to appear. That is your sediment and your signal to stop pouring. The smell of a corked wine should be obvious, it smells like Pirates of the Caribbean, when you come across one use it as a training opportunity.

Matt Ellingson - Service Technique

Matt Ellingson – Service Technique


Our next meeting will be held on Monday, February 2nd at 7pm in Santa Ana. Our hosts will be Aidan Demarest from Suerte Tequila as well as Cari Hah from Leblon Cachaca! It will be a treat to hear from these two, you dont want to miss it. Plus, we’ve been nerding out on types of sugars lately so we’ll be presenting an education on that!

As always, to maintain the quality of service, presentation, space, food and drink we are limiting the capacity to 35 and must insist on RSVPs. Please get your RSVP in early and send it to Let us know if something comes up so we can make your spot available to someone else if you can’t make it.

Hope to see you there!

Newsletter 57: Grand Marnier Holiday Punch Party

Posted in Newsletters on January 29, 2015 by becca

Always one of the most fun meetings of the year, we enjoyed our Holiday Punch Party in style at the Balboa Bay Resort! A big thanks to OCBC member Ian McDermott for hosting us and the whole staff for a wonderful evening. Grand Marnier went all out with an amazing presentation, a tasting through their delicious line-up which also included Kappa Pisco! We enjoyed punches from the OCBC board, tasty food from the A&O kitchen and a fun tobacco-infused dessert.

Punch Recipes
(Thank you to OCBC member Robert Hoover for the great pics!)

Fruit Loop Punch

Fruit Loop Punch

Fruit Loop Punch
Gabrielle Dion -The Mixing Glass

Combine a gallon of milk per large box of fruit loops. Leave them over night in the fridge in a Cambro. Strained through a chinois.
Then I made a 1:1 simple, hot process simple and infused kaffir lime leaf for 15 minutes after heating to 190f. For every qt I did 8-10 leaves that I smacked before tossing in.
Lastly the specs:
3oz Fruit loop milk
1.5oz Kappa Pisco
1/2oz kaffir lime simple
I did the servings for 50 and only had shell ice, so I used that for the dilution and buzzed it with an immersion blender.
I found it didn’t need a ton of dilution as the milk is already a weak and it was tastier served on ice.

Peace Co. Punch
Matt Ellingson – Club 33

2 parts Kappa Pisco
1 part Fresh Lime Juice
1 part Jarabe De Andes
.75 part Egg White
Batch all ingredients together and whisk vigorously to incorporate egg white and create texture.  Add ice for service once texture is created.

Jarabe De Andes
750ml Torrentes White Wine
750ml Honey
20 cracked Green Cardamom Pods
20 Dried Rose buds

Combine all ingredients and bring to a boil.  Stir until honey is incorporated.  Lower heat and simmer for 20 minutes.  Let cool and bottle for use.

Grand Marnier Crusta

Grand Marnier Crusta

Grand Marnier Crusta
Jason Schiffer – 320 Main (Adapted from a recipe by Steve Olson)

1.5 parts Grand Marnier
.5 part Fresh Lemon Juice
.25 part Maraschino Liqueur
Angostura Bitters
Combine all ingredients, add bitters to taste and dilute with crushed ice.
Garnish with a large Lemon Twist and Sugar Rim

Ricky's Grand Marnier Punch

Ricky’s Grand Marnier Punch

Ricky’s Grand Marnier Punch
Ricky Yarnall – Henry Wine Group

Coconut simple syrup
Lapsang infused comb 9 gin
Mango black tea infused Grand Marnier
Hot water
Pineapple whipped cream
Toasted coconut garnish

Blind Tasting Challenge

We all participated in a fun blind tasting challenge to see who could most correctly identify a series of spirits. This exercise is always a great challenge, we encourage you to try it at your bars!

The winners were:

1st place Winner: Eriech Empey of Cocktail Musings

2nd Place: Sara O’Shea from Bruno’s Trattoria

Congratulations guys!!