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Newsletter: Issue 6

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Bartender’s Cabinet
Issue 6
August 2010
August has always been a bittersweet month for me. The long, burning days and the warm nights – though there was really one scorching week – hasn’t gone away; and there seems to be all the time in the world for gatherings, vacations and that ―to-do‖ list. However, the end of summer marked by Labor Day isn’t far away. It’s apparent how much of the list is left ―to do‖ and vacations will turn into long weekends. Soon the light, crisp and refreshing drinks will be replaced with those that bring warmth to the body. While we still have a little bit of summer and sunlight – and now that I’ve completely bummed everyone out – let’s drink to the last Hurrah!
Bartender’s Cabinet is dedicated to educating bartenders and enthusiasts about great spirits and quality ingredients. We also focus on having a good time through interacting with those who share an enthusiasm for tasty beverages that come from fine spirits and fresh ingredients.
Logistical Information:
Bartender’s Cabinet meets monthly at 320 Main in Seal Beach.
Contact regarding membership.
Previous Meeting:
Our field trip to Modern Spirits was super awesome! Melkon Khosrovian and Kyle Castanon were wonderful hosts. They showed us what new spirits they were working on and the current line of products. We saw that Modern Spirits not only believes in, but practices being environmentally conscious. Modern Spirits is helping reduce carbon footprint not just for them, but for others through planting trees for purchased bottles, using soy and corn labels, and employing lighter weight bottles and corks. If wasn’t enough awesome, everyone in attendance was able to make their own infusions or bitters using none other than organic ingredients!
Forrest gives us fabulous descriptions for the products on the Modern Spirits line as well as some tasty beverages for said products.
ROOT Liqueur
‘Art in the Age’ ROOT is based on old Root Tea medicinal infusions that date back to the 1700s where settlers learned of the value of these North American herbs from the Native Americans (talk about Thanksgiving!). Because of the purifying and preservative power of alcohol, it was added to the herbs and then finally a spoonful of sugar was added to make the medicine go down. This is 100% organic neutral grain spirit mixed with roots, herbs, spices, citrus and pure cane sugar – is delicious! The nose is sweet with birch, mint, oily spices and sugarcane honey. Flavors move on your palate bouncing it seems from the wintergreen, and with delicate finesse of birch, vanilla, citrus, clove and allspice in a bed of clean sweet tastes that reveal themselves. On the finish, everything resolves and the smoked tea shines clearest here as does the nutmeg. A masterful achievement and a joy to drink, ROOT is terrific neat and even better with ice.
Crism is a gorgeous powerhouse of balance; Fruit Lab brilliantly articulates the dichotomous sweet/sour nature of the hibiscus flower while magnificently capturing the delicate floral tones and capitalizing on the fierce crimson pigment. From inviting aromas tart, zesty, and well poised flavors to the resplendent hue, Crism is a perfect partner for modern, sexy, tasty adult beverages. Fruit lab is also organic and charitable (a percentage of all sales go to planting fruit trees in places of need) so you can make a drink and save the world.
With Theia, Fruit Lab has again outdone themselves. Named for the Titan goddess of sight and luminescence, Theia drinks like an amazing evening stroll through a dewy hedgerow of jasmine in mid-August. Obvious aromas of the Jasmine flower with hints of honeydew melon and citrus resolve to a voluptuous, complex mouth-feel that is both simpatico and playful. It is an amazingly simple way to beautify any drink making each shine, just as Theia brought light to the sky. Not to be outdone, Theia is also organic and charitable like its sibling, Crism (and their other scrumptious sibling Citry).
Responsibly, TRU limits their ecological impact. They buy organic spirits from the U.S. to reduce transportation pollution. They use: 25% less glass in bottles, labels from corn paper and soy inks, recyclable shrink tops and corks and boxes made with 35% post consumer recycled materials. TRU Lemon is magnificent organic wheat vodka infused with the zest of organic California lemons and the result is stunning. The scent abounds with fresh lemon. The taste is awash with clean, sassy lemon. The finish is, you guessed it – has an astounding lemon relish! On top of all that they plant a tree for every bottle sold.
Aromatic Mediterranean lavender, raffia and juniper lead the olfactory charge. On the palate these tones evolve to include an herbal bounty with an incredibly active mouth-feel that is nicely full bodied; the juniper shares center stage with citrus as each botanical reveals itself in turn to enhance the overall balance. The finish lingers in a complicated, recherché and deeply enjoyable manner.
The concepts that are employed by this company are remarkable.
Organic: TRU spirits are certified organic, field to bottle.
The flavors are real infusions (infused by the owners, employees and friends) of whole, organic ingredients– not extracts.
Ecological: The packaging is light and sustainable — everything is recycled, recyclable or biodegradable.
Renewable: They plant a tree for every bottle sold to replenish forests…and paper stocks.
There are so many simple ways to improve how we handle our environment, how about a drink made with scrumptious gin?

Landed TRUth
1 Part TRU2 Organic Gin
1 Part Charbay Green Tea Aperitif
Stir until chilled, and strain into a chilled cocktail glass.
Garnish with a frozen Pineapple chunk.
TRU Vesper (a take on a Bond Classic!)
3 oz TRU2 Organic Gin
1 oz TRU Organic Vodka (a fun substitute is the TRU Lemon Vodka)
1/2 oz Lillet Blanc
Stir until chilled, and strain into a chilled cocktail glass.
Garnish with a lemon twist.
Bronx (A wonderful classic)
1 3/4 oz TRU2 Gin
1/2 oz Noilly Prat Dry Vermouth
1/2 oz Carpano Antica
1/2 oz Fresh Orange Juice
Shake with ice & strain into a chilled Cocktail Glass Garnish with ½ of an Orange wheel
Bronx Terrace (A classic that needs to be revived)
1 1/2 oz TRU2 Gin
1/2 oz Noilly Prat Dry Vermouth
3/4 oz Fresh Lime Juice
1/2 tsp simple syrup (adjust for personal preference)
Shake with ice & strain into a chilled Cocktail Glass Garnish with a lime sliver
Punch L.A. TRU Flora
[3 Parts] 12 Oz Fresh Lemon Juice (Zest first and put into punch)
[2 Parts] 8 Oz Fruit Lab Crism (Hibiscus Liqueur)
[2 Parts] 8 Oz Fruit Lab Theia (Jasmine Liqueur)
[2 Parts] 8 Oz Fresh Orange Juice (Zest first and put into punch)
[6 Parts] 24 Oz TRU Gin (I like mine stronger so I’d say [8 Parts] 32 Oz)
[2 Parts] 8 Oz Double Strength Chamomile Tea (4 Bags/ at least 5 Minutes)
[12 Parts] 2 Bottles of Sparkling wine
Mix everything, but the Bubbly, and chill at least 2 hours allowing flavors to marry.
Pour into Punch Bowl with frozen berries/fruit (freeze whatever you have into plastic cups packed with fruit and topped with clean water). At last possible moment add 2 bottles of Chilled Sparkling Wine
Ladle into a punch cup with a mint sprig on the bottom
Dash Regan’s Orange Bitter on top.